Airobot was founded by highly driven entrepreneurs with a passion for drones, technology and aviation. Deeply convinced with the lack of safety and convenience support for professional users, they gathered talents and knowledge to create a user-centric company to solve these problems. Airobot invests in innovation and research to create the most powerful tools for professional drone operations.

Airobot participates in interreg smart tooling project to build
drone based inspection solutions for the process industry
28-30 October
USA, Las Vegas, Booth 1011
12-13 November
UK, London, Booth 52
Smart Tooling Project

Airobot has teamed up with Avular and SPIE in the Smart Tooling project to develop a smart drone based solution to facilitate the inspection of chemical process plants. Airobot will contribute it’s collision avoidance and positioning technology to make the data collections safer and georeference the data. We will also develop a software tool to plan the inspection flights, calculate the optimal flight path and provide the data from the flight in an organized way to the inspection specialist. (more information)


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