Airobot Mapper
Designed for accurate data collection

The Airobot Mapper has been designed for accurate data collection. It features an industry-leading multi-constellation RTK/PPK GNSS receiver supporting GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO to deliver centimetre accurate results in all situations.

The 20.1MP Sony UMC-R10C camera with Exmor APS-C HD CMOS sensor takes high quality images with a high ground resolution, suitable for the most demanding applications.


All-weather Flying Robot
The Airobot mapper is an all-weather drone which can fly in winds up to 35 knots. With a flight time of 35-40 minutes, it can accurately map up to 1Ha per flight with a GSD of 0.5 cm/pix (when flying at 50 m). With an IP rating of IP54, it can also fly in rain.

Click-and-fly interface
The Mapper runs Airobot’s Click-To-Fly interface on-board, which is accessible via a high-speed IP downlink for local operators or from a remote location via the optionally integrated 4G/LTE connection.

The straightforward user-interface has been designed for field operations: it enables the operator to easily get the job done without having to worry about many complex settings.

Towards a fully automated construction site drone
We build our Mapper around the Airobot AiroCore, which enables safe autonomous BVLOS flights where legislation permits it.

Thanks to the integrated geofence functionality, the Mapper can be deployed as a fully automated construction site observation robot. Optionally an ADS-B transmitter can be integrated to allow safe integration with surrounding air traffic.

Flight time
Ground Sample Distance
20m flight altitude 0,24 cm/px
50m flight altitude 0,61 cm/px
80m flight altitude 0,97 cm/px
IP Rating IP43
Wind sustainability 35 knots
Operating Temperature Range -10°C-45°C
Camera Technology
Lens 35mm; f/1.8
Sensor 23,2mm x 15,4mm APC-C size, Exmor APS HD CMOS, 20.1MP
GNSS Technology
Supported Positioning Modes standalone, SBAS, RTK, PPK, PPP
Supported Signals GPS: L1,L2,L5
Beidou: B1,B2
Galileo: E1,E5a, E5b, Altboc
QZSS: L1, L2, L5
L-Band: 2 channels

Realtime RTK Horizonal Positioning accuracy 0,6cm + 0,5ppm
Realtime RTK Vertical Positiong Accuracy 1cm + 1ppm
Anti-Jamming Technology Narrowband & wideband interference mitigation, Advandced Scintillation mitigation
Realtime RTK basestations supported NTRIP, RTCMv3 compatible basestations
PPK Processing with AiroCollect software Yes
Size / Weight
Takeoff Weigth 7kg
Diagonal distance 70 x 70 x49,5cm