Phantom 4 RTK
Small, easy to transport, quick to deploy

The Phantom4 RTK is a small, easy-to-deploy drone which fits in the boot of every car.


Familiar user interface
As many drone pilots are familiar with a DJI Phantom drone, no additional training is needed to operate this drone.

Low cost entry data collection
The data collected by the Phantom4 RTK drone can be manually uploaded to the AiroCollect software, where it will be processed and shared within the organization.

Flight time
Ground Sample Distance
20m flight altitude 0,58 cm/px
50m flight altitude 1,45 cm/px
80m flight altitude 2,32 cm/px
IP Rating -
Wind sustainability -
Operating Temperature Range 0° C - 40°C
Camera Technology
Lens 8,8mm; f/2,8-f/11
Sensor 1inch CMOS, 20M
GNSS Technology
Supported Positioning Modes standalone, RTK, PPK
Supported Signals GPS: L1,L2
Beidou: B1,B2
Galileo: E1,E5a

Realtime RTK Horizonal Positioning accuracy 1cm+1ppm
Realtime RTK Vertical Positiong Accuracy 1,5cm + 1ppm
Anti-Jamming Technology no
Realtime RTK basestations supported NTRIP, DJI
PPK Processing with AiroCollect software Yes
Size / Weight
Takeoff Weigth 1391g
Diagonal distance 350mm