Hyperspectral Drone Payload
For research, crop monitoring or infrastructure inspection

Do you need to collect hyperspectal images for research, to monitor crops or to perform infrastructure inspections ?

Airobot integrates state-of-the-art hyperspectral technology from IMEC to facilitate your data collection.

Our hyperspectral payload georeferences the data, using a centimetre accurate RTK GNSS receiver and optionally a dual-antenna GNSS/INS attitude sensor. We add accurate position and orientation to every image.


Realtime Hyperspectral  Output

In this payload, Airobot has integrated the Ximea MQ022HG-IM-SM4x4-VIS and MQ022HG-IM-SM4x4-NIR. These are professional hyperspectral cameras capable of simultaneously capturing 16 discrete spectral bands. This data provides precise and quantitative information to monitor the vigor and health of crops. Additionally, it enables to study material characteristics during inspection flights.

The drone features a webinterface on the drone, in which the output of the camera is available in real-time. Also, the user can configure key parameters through the interface.


We directly georeference the data onboard of the drone. For every image, we store rhe accurate position and orientation.

Integrated Processing Chain

The payload collects hyperspectral images with accurate position and orientation. In the AiroCollect software, we will first correct the images, taking into account the camera parameters and light conditions.  Next we will create a complete hyperspectral dataset.

Technology Development and Research Projects

Hyperspectral cameras are a new, game changing technology. They will allow us to collect much more information about the world around us. It will make interpretation of data easier and will allow us to see things we can’t.

To bring this technology, Airobot is involved in several research Projects:

REDOX – Automated Corrosion Detection in Chemical Industry

In the Redox CrossRoads2 Airobot will develop innovative hyperspectral technology to detect abnormalities. With this detected information, an Artificial Intelligence Engine will classify the abnormalities. The project starts in 2019 and is expected to finish mid-2020. Redox is funded by the European Fund For Regional Development, as an Interreg Crossroads2 project.

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COMP4DRONES – Automated Corrosion Detection on (offshore) infrastructure

In the Comp4Drones project Airobot will develop an integrated hyperspectral payload to perform (offshore) inspections on infrastructure. We will accurately georeference the hyperspectral images with RTK GNSS technology. This means that we can precisely determine their location on the infrastructure. The AiroCollect sotware will automatically process the images to localise corrosion and other problems.

COMP4DRONES is an ECSEL JU project coordinated by Indra that brings together a consortium of 49 partners with the aim of providing a framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones. It brings to bear a holistically designed ecosystem from application to electronic components, realized as a tightly integrated multi-vendor and compositional UAV embedded architecture solution and a tool chain complementing the compositional architecture principles.

COMP4DRONES will ease the development of new application and functionalities on the fields of transport, construction, surveillance and inspection, logistics, and agriculture

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General Atomics – Team Skyguardian

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), the leading manufacturer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems, radars, electro-optic and related mission systems, selected Airobot to support the development of enhanced capabilities of the MQ-9B SkyGuardian RPA for Belgium.

In this project, Airobot will develop automated materials detection using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Hyper-Spectral Imagery (HSI)

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