Multispectral Payload
with Direct Georeferencing

Do you need to collect multispectral images from an area with few visual features where traditional image stitching does not work ?

Our multispectral payload with direct georeferencing adds accurate position and orientation to every image. For this, we use a high quality dual-antenna RTK-INS attitude sensor.

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Realtime Multispectral Output

In this multispectral drone payload, Airobot has integrated the MicaSense RedEdge-M. This is a professional multispectral camera capable of simultaneously capturing five discrete spectral bands. With this data precise and quantitative information can be generated on the vigor and health of crops.

The output of all 5 bands is available in real-time through the webinterface of the payload. Also, users can configure key parameters like the capture interval through the interface.

The interface is accessible via a wireless 2.4GHz connection.

Direct Georeferencing

Airobot Multispectral Payload integrates a 2 antenna GPS/INS position and attitude sensor. It uses RTK technology to achieve real-time centimetre accuracy.

We directly georeference the images onboard of the drone. We store the accurate position and orientation of the drone for every image. This means that the images can be stitched together even when there are not enough of features in the images. For example, when flying over water or over large fields with few unique visual features.

Drone Independent

You can carry the Airobot multispectral drone payload on any drone. It is completely independent from the drone. It has its own swappable battery and has an autonomy of up to 2 hours. You can monitor the payload through the 2.4GHz wireless IP link.

Measuring Turbidity & Water Quality

Together with VITO, Airobot created an end-to-end solution to measure turbidity and water quality.

Our multispectral drone payload collects multi-spectral images with accurate position and orientation. These images are passed on the mapEO water software from VITO. MapEO will first correct the images, taking into account the camera parameters and light conditions.  Next, it will compute the reflectance and create the final product: a georeferenced multispectral dataset.

More information on MapEO ? Check out VITO’s website.

Multispectral Camera
Type: MicaSense RedEdge-M
Spectral Bands: Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near IR
Ground Sample Distance: 8.2 cm/pixel (per band) at 120m AGL
Yaw Accuracy: 0.2 degrees
Pitch Accuracy: 0.02 degrees
Horizontal Accuracy: 0.6cm
Vertical Accuracy: 1cm
1870 gr
Capacity: 2000mAh (swappable)
Autonomy: 2 Hours
90 x 25 x 25 cm
Recommended Drone