• Integrated Drone Electronics
  • Automated BVLOS Flights
  • 4G/LTE/5G
  • RTK
  • Payload Control
Turn your drone into a flying robot
  • Reduce your time-to-market
  • Accurate Georeferencing of sensor data
  • Automated BVLOS Flights
  • Fast Integration

    The AiroCore accelerates your development by taking away the worries of the integration, so you can focus on developing your technology and add value for your customer.

    The AiroCore is the ‘Motherboard’ of your drone, running our customizable ‘AiroFly’ user-interface software. Together with you we can add the features you need for your application.

    Just add engines, batteries and a hardware casing – and you can start flying !

  • Do you need to know with centimetre accuracy where images or sensor data has been collected ?

    RTK /PPK

    The AiroCore features a professional GNSS receiver which offers realtime centimetre accuracy using RTK or can be used to collect the required measurements for PPK. The deep integration with the GNSS receiver allows to timestamp sensor-data with microsecond accuracy., which is key to achieve the required accuracy.

  • Layered Architecture for Safety

    The AiroCore has been designed with automated Beyond-Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) flights in mind. The layered computing architecture prevents that a software issue in, e.g. the processing of sensor data, can cause a safety risk.


    The AiroCore can be combined with 4G/LTE or 5G communication to allow remote control of the drone, even from behind a desk.

Integrated Drone Electronics

The AiroCore is the ‘Motherboard’ of your drone. It contains the autopilot, 2 real-time flight CPU’s, a payload processing module, centimetre accurate non-jammable GNSS, wireless communication, interfaces to multiple types of cameras… In short, everything to turn your drone into a flying robot.

  • User Interface
  • Navigation
  • Safety
  • Payload & Gimbal Control
  • Communication
  • Secured Connection

    The AiroFly user interface runs on the AiroCore. It is accessible via a secured connection.

    Web Based

    It is a touch enabled web based interface. So no software or apps needs to be installed.


    We can customize the AiroFly to fit the requirements for your specific application.

  • Preparation

    During flight preparation, it is possible to connect to UTM systems. This allows the drone to check if it is permitted to take off.

    Flight Planning

    The pilot can plan different types of flight: a mapping flight or a free flight.

    We can easily add different types of flight for new applications.


    After the pilot has given control to the AiroCore,  he can instruct the drone to take off and the drone will start the mission.

    He can always intervene and take back control via a switch on his remote controller.


    During flight, also specific commands can be sent to the flight controller.

  • Built-in Check

    The AiroCore features several internal checks and watchdogs. As such, it can verify if it is functioning properly.

    Redundant Power Supply

    The AiroCore uses a redundant power supply.

    Additionally, critical components are powered separately from non-critical ones. This increase the robustness of the system to component failures.

    Integrated Circuitry

    All the critical components such as the autopilot and GPS receiver are directly connected via the printed circuit board. Therefore,  we minimise the amount of cable connections. And as such reduce the risk of hardware failure during flight.

  • Multiple payload interfaces

    The AiroCore features multiple interfaces to access almost any payload: USB, Ethernet, RS232…

    Data Storage

    The AiroCore stores sensor data on board. Users can easily retrieve it through the user interface.

    Gimbal Support

    The AiroCore currently supports the Gremsy S1 Gimbal. We can extend this for you to support other models as well.

  • Multiple Communication Links

    The AiroCore supports several communication links simultaneously:

    2.4GHz digital IP link


    4G/LTE – 5G

    2.4GHz Pilot Control Link

    BVLOS via 4G/LTE

    It is easy to link the AiroCore with an 4G/LTE or 5G modem to add mobile internet connectivity.

Drones using the AiroCore
Airobot Mapper

The Airobot Mapper is an industrial flying robot. It is made to automatically collect accurate data in the most challenging environments.

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  • Integrated Drone Electronics
  • Automated BVLOS Flights
  • 4G/LTE/5G
  • RTK
  • Payload Control
Technical Features

Layered Computing Architecture for increased safety

Flight Controller (Cube)

2 Realtime flight CPU’s (one for navigation & flight planning, one for collision avoidance)

1 Powerful CPU for interfacing with camera’s & running the user interface

Positioning Sensor

Multi-constellation (GPS,GLONASS,GALILEO,BEIDOU), multi-frequency GNSS receiver

RTK (centimeter), PPP (decimeter) and WAAS (submeter) positioning modes

Optionally dual antenna functionality and integration with higher accuracy IMU

Robust against jammers, spoofing and other forms of (un-)intentional interference






2.4 GHz IP link for visual-line-of-sight flights


Optional extension with 4G/LTE module

Optional extension with ADS-B module

Camera Support

20MP Sony UMC-R10C (with optional zoom)

FLIR & WIRIS Thermal cameras

Micasense multispectral camera

Imec hyperspectral camera

Up to 6 cameras for FPV flights

Redundant dual-power supply

Fully redundant power supply

Separation between critical & non-critical components

On-board Click-And-Fly user interface

Operated by local pilot or remotely from command center

Customizable for specific applications

AiroCollect - Process and Share your Data


The AiroCollect software is at the heart of the system. It receives the raw images from the flying robots. Then it computes the coordinates of images with centimeter accuracy using PPK technology. Finally it automatically combines them into a 2D orthophoto and a 3D point cloud using state-of-the-art photogrammetry.

Data Sharing

Everyone within your organisation can access the results through their web browser. Additionally, the orthophotos and 3D models are available for download to process them in your software.

Third Party Integration

To make a real difference and drive the operations and logistics of the operations, a direct integration with your ERP system (e.g. SAP) is possible.

Artificial Intelligence

The AiroCollect software can be extended with Artificial Intelligence to automatically interpret the data.

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