Anti-Collision and Ranging System
For safe close-range flying

Do you need to fly close-range to perform inspection flights ?

Our Anti-Collision and Ranging System adds the safety you need.

You can mount it on your drone to get real-time information on your smart device. Additionally, we can work together with the drone provider to add a fully integrated, 360° active collision avoidance system.



Active Anti-Collision

We can add active Anti-Collision technology to your drones.

Our ranging technology is based on proprietary ultrasonic sensors. They offer a wide field of view and function effectively on large white surfaces such as wind turbine blades. Additionally, it can detect cables and open structures. Alternatively, LIDAR based sensors are available for long range detection.

We can combine ultrasonic and LIDAR sensors to create a 360° active collision avoidance solution.

Contact Airobot if you are interested into a partnership to integrate our technology on your done.

Airobot Ranger

The Airobot Ranger is a must have anti-collision and ranging system for industrial inspections. When flying at high altitudes, it is difficult to estimate the distance between the drone and the object of interest.  This leads to imprecise, unsafe and costly operations.

The Airobot Ranger is our Anti-Collision and Ranging System which you can mount on any drone. It is an independent sensor module.

The Ranger displays the distance between the drone and the object of interest on multiple smart phones or tablets. It consists out of an add-on sensor module that can be easily attached and detached, a ground station and iOS/Android apps. Everybody involved in the operation can log in on the ground station to receive real-time situational feedback using their smart devices. In addition to visual feedback, the Ranger also offers audio feedback. This feedback is available via voice commands, beep tones and adjustable target zones.

The system is completely passive and independent; it does not have to be connected with the flight controller or other drone electronics. It can be mounted on most industrial drones.

Ultrasonic: 7 meters
Lidar: 25 meters
Ultrasonic; 55°
Lidar: 3°
1 cm