Drone Laser Altimeter
Real-time, Accurate Altitude

Do you need accurate altitude for inspecting bridges, chimneys, cellular towers or other infrastructure ? And you can’t rely on the barometric height provided by your drone ?

We offer the Airobot Drone Laser Altimeter. It is a must-have tool for inspections of tall structures or cellular line-of-sight tests

It provides real-time accurate altitude on your mobile device. Additionaly, it is unaffected by barometric pressure changes.

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Accurate Altitude 

The Drone Laser Altimeter provides accurate altitude information for inspections of towers, chimneys, cellular towers and other infrastructure.

The sensor works in sunlight or dark conditions. It is not affected by speed, wind, changes in barometric pressure, noise, ambient light or air temperature.

Independent Add-On Module 

The independent module easily attaches to the landing gear of your drone. It does not interfere with its electronics.

With each image taken, the software can also log the exact height above the terrain of every image.

Ground station and iOS/Android app

Everybody involved in the operation can log on the ground station with their smart device. Next, in our app, they will receive real-time altitudes. Besides visual feedback, the system also offers audio feedback via voice commands, beep tones and adjustable target zones.


Solid Ground: 120m
Water: 40m
1 cm
Operating Temperature
0°C - 40°C
< 100gr
2 Hours
Beam Divergence
Wireless Link
Secured 868MHz Connection
Laser Class
Class 1M
Eye Safe
The Airobot Drone Laser Altimeter uses a laser based sensor that emits ionising laser radiation. The level of the laser emission is Class 1M. This means that the laser beam is safe to look at with the unaided eye. However, they should not be viewed using binoculars or other optical devices within a distance of 15 meters.