PPK Mapping Pack for M600
Turn your DJI M600 into an accurate data collection tool.

Do you need centimeter accurate positions to increase the accuracy and quality of your orthomodels ?

The Airobot PPK Mapping Pack for M600 adds PPK functionality to your DJI M600 with a professional camera. It turns your M600 into an accurate data collection tool.

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Accurate Data Collection

Ground control points link aerial imagery to accurate location coordinates on the ground. However, setting out and surveying the position of ground control points is time consuming and expensive. In addition, ground surveys of mines, freshly reclaimed land and other geographically challenging locations may be hazardous if not impossible.

Airobot mapper in combination with the AiroCollect PPK effectively reduces the need for ground control point by updating the aerial photographs with high precision camera locations.

As well as logging GNSS data, the Airobot PPK Mapping Pack logs time-stamped, shutter-synchronised events from the on-board camera during aerial survey. It is these events that  AiroCollect uses to embed RTK-level camera locations into the images.

We designed the Airobot PPK Mapping Pack for M600 to help you get accurate data. It features an industry-leading multi-constellation PPK GNSS receiver with 448 channels supporting GPS, GLONASS and optionally also BEIDOU and GALILEO to deliver centimetre accurate results in all situations.

PPK and Photogrammetry in the Cloud

The AiroCollect software calculates the PPK position for each image. So you do not need extra desktop software. The AiroCollect software can also automatically generate your orthophotos and pointclouds. Additionally, it offers an easy solution to share the results with all stakeholders.

Do you need more information the AiroCollect software ?  Check out its page on our website !

Integrated on platform

The Mapping Pack integrates closely with the M600 and it draws power from the platform. So the pilot should not worry about charging an extra module. The Mapping Pack weighs less than 200gr. and consumes less than 1W.

It uses a connection to the hot shoe connection on the camera to time tag every picture with an accuracy of 20ns.

Camera synchronisation
GNSS Constellations
GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU (optional) and GALILEO (optional)
GNSS Channels