Accurate Straddle Carrier Positioning

The Airobot SC-GNSS-1 is the solution for accurate straddle carrier positioning to help you locate your containers.

We designed it for use on straddle carriers. It sends the vehicle position out to the Terminal Operating System every time a container is picked up and dropped off. So you can reduce the number of seekers on your yard.

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Robust, accurate GNSS

The SC—GNSS-1 unit integrates a high end GNSS receiver. It uses the European EGNOS satellite navigation system to provide submeter accurate positions. The receiver has field-proven multipath mitigation technology on-board to cope with the many GNSS reflections caused by all the metal containers.  It also combines satellites from the American GPS and Russian GLONASS systems to provide a solution close to the quay cranes.

 Centimeter accuracy and INS

The SC-GNSS-1 can be upgraded to provide centimeter accurate positions using RTK technology. Additionally, we can add inertial sensors for positioning under the cranes. For example, to perform accurate lane detection.

Easy installation

You don’t need special tools or cables to install the SC-GNSS-1. It mounts on a standard DIN rail and all cable connectors accept standard leads. The communication to the onboard computer happens via a standard RS232 connection.


We can customise the behaviour and output format to fit your system. We can program how it should respond to a sequence of input signals. Additionally, we can change the output format to match the input format of your Terminal Operating System

Field Proven Technology

The MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET) in Antwerp, Belgium at Deurganckdock has a capacity of 9 million TEUs annually. This makes it the single largest container terminal in Europe.

PSA DGD / MPET Left Bank features a total of 41 quay cranes across 10 berths, 200 straddle carriers and a quay length of 3,550 metres.

They need to accurately know where every container is picked up and dropped off without interfering with the actions of the driver. Based on sensors in the vehicle, the GNSS unit detects a pick-up or drop-off and provide a position to their system.

Since 2017, Airobot has already supplied more than 150 units to PSA to track their straddle carriers.

2 Opto-isolated General Purpose Inputs (currently allocated to hammer & touch signals)
GNSS Antenna: SMA Female
Power: 24V
Communication: 2x RS232
Standard DIN-Rail
Positioning Modes: SBAS (50cm), DGNSS (50cm), RTK (cm), RTK-INS (cm)