Sony UMC-R10C
Camera for Drone Mapping

The Sony UMC-R10C is the best Camera for Drone Mapping.

It gets you high resolution images, at low Ground Sample Distances (GSD). So you can fly faster and cover more terrain.

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Sony UMC-R10C: Camera for Drone Mapping

The Sony UMC-R10C 20.1MP camera is used throughout the industry. This camera is ideal for collecting high quality images to create maps or 3D models. This is also possible in low-light conditions, thanks to the large APS-C image sensor.

The global shutter enables us to take pictures without creating unwanted rolling shutter effects.

The Sony UMC-R10C is fully integrated with the Airobot AiroCore.

More information can be found on the Sony website.

We provide the camera, mounted on a Gremsy S1 gimbal. 


Cover more terrain

Thanks to the large sensor size, the resulting Ground Sample Distance is much lower than with other popular mapping solutions. To achieve a GSD of 1cm/px,  you can fly up to 80m.

So you can fly twice as high with this camera than with a Phantom 4 RTK drone. And because you fly higher, you can cover more terrain.

APS-C Type Exmor CMOS
size: 23.2mm x 15.4mm
Video Format