SmartHat for Worker Protection
Which smart head is not wearing his SmartHat today ?

The Smart Hat for Worker Protection is a ‘Smart Hardhat’.

We designed it to keep your workers on outdoor sites safe. So they can focus on their work.

It monitors the workers position with centimetre accuracy as well as their vital parameters.

This Smart Hat is designed to save lives and add an extra layer of comfort and security to your operations.


Centimetre Accurate

We use centimetre accurate RTK GNSS technology to make a smart hat for worker protection. We can use satellites from all available constellations (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU). This allows us to warn workers, even if they take one step in a dangerous area.

Health Monitoring

The integrated temperature and heartrate monitoring warns supervisors in case of heat stress and other health problems. At the same time, integrated accelerometers can detect falls or impacts. Worker can also easily transmit a signal to the supervisor to request aid.  The visual LED indication also allows nearby workers to intervene if something is wrong.

Robust Communication

All SmartHats on a site communicate use a low power communication link with a SmartBase. Through this link a supervisor can monitor the activities, provide instructions and dynamically change zones.

Airobot uses a proprietary communication protocol between the hats and base station. This enables us to make sure that every workers helmet gets the latest zone information, transmit its status and receive real-time instructions from supervisors

Dynamic Zones

A supervisor can dynamically update the danger and warning zones which are immediately transferred to all Smart Hats in the area.

‘Smart’ Hats

All intelligence is located on the Smart Hat. This means that workers remain safe even if they loose the communication link with the base.

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