AiroCollect MOB-250

  • 2D Orthophoto
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • WMS Integration
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AiroCollect MOB-250 is drone data processing software for accident mapping and to analyse traffic infrastructure with 3D Point Clouds and 2D Orthophoto.

Easily share your data with everyone in your organisation, with a predictable cost!

How it works:

Firstly, upload the drone images and GPS data through your webbrowser.


Secondly, the AiroCollect software automatically generates 3D point clouds and 2D orthophotos from these images.
This goes quickly with a GPU accelerated photogrammetry engine.

Additionally, you can increase the accuracy and quality by using images with centimeter accurate coordinates. For this, you can use an RTK enabled drone.

Analyse and Share

Finally, you can view the data through your web browser. Therefore, no special software needs to be installed on your computer.

You can add annotations and measure distances, surfaces and volumes. Afterwards, share your results with all your colleagues and customers.


The AiroCollect software easily visualises changes compared to previous scans or with your design. So you can monitor the progress of your projects.

Data Protection

Keep your data safe and determine for each project who can view and who can edit.

Included in the package:





Processing Runs

3D - Point Cloud

2D - Orthophoto & DEM

RTK Processing

Ground Control Points

PPK Processing

Storage Duration


Maximum Images per flight

Distance & Surface Measurements


WMS Overlay

Data Exports:

(Point Clouds: LAS,

Orthophoto: JPEG, KML,

Annotations: GeoJSON)

Support by E-mail

Support by Phone





per year

Low Dense

High Quality

Contract Duration







per year

Low Dense

High Quality

Contract Duration



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Additional information

Ortho Photo

– Topographic view of scanned environment
– Measure Distances, Surfaces
– Export measurements and data
– Share data and projects within your team
– Online (no installation needed)

Point Cloud

– 3D visualization of a scanned environment
– Measure Distances, Surfaces and Volumes
– Export measurements and data
– Share data and projects within your team
– Online (no installation needed)

Ground Control Point

– Import coordinates of markers
– Assign markers in images
– Use GCP in stitching
– Online (no installation needed)

Post Processing Kinematic

– Upload raw gps data (RINEX) drone
– Upload or select base gps
– Receive PPK corrected coordinates back
– Online (no installation needed)