• – All Weather
  • – 30-40 Min Flighttime
  • – RTK
  • – 4G/5G BVLOS
  • – Airocore

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Airobot - Mapping Payload

AiroCollect PRO-60

  • 2D Orthophoto
  • 3D Point Cloud

AiroCollect CON-100

  • 2D Orthophoto
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • Ground Control Point

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AiroCollect SUR-250

  • 2D  Orthophoto
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • Ground Control Points
  • Post Processing Kinematic

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Airobot ZOE is an industrial rtk all weather mapping drone, fully automated through AiroCore.

The drone can carry payloads up to 5kg and is equipped with an RTK Anti-Jamming GPS.

Furthermore the system is fully connected with a 4G modules. Payload data can be transmitted anywhere in real time.

How to start:

Firstly, just boot up the drone and wait for system initialization.
Then, login into the drone with a specific web URL.

Preparing the flight:

Secondly, select the type of mission you want to perform and payload used.
The user interface will present you the optimal settings of the drone.
Define the way the drone should navigate and how it should capture data.
Send the information to the drone so it can prepare to execute the mission.

Multiple mission types are available:

  • – Mapping
  • – Inspection
  • – Point of Interest (with direct control command)
  • – Free flight

On Board Checklists:

Once the drone knows what to do, it can prepare its mission.
The automated preparation shows you how the drone will execute what it has been asked.

Therefore the AiroCore performs multiple checklists:

  • – Before Start
  • – After Start
  • – Before Take Off
  • – After Take Off
  • – Before Landing
  • – After Landing
  • – Shutdown

Execute the Mission:

If take off went successful (power ok ; mission ready ; …).
The drone will start performing its mission.
Based upon the type of mission and payload, you get the preferred controls in the interface.

Transfer the Data:

For surveillance missions and real time purposes, the AiroCore transmits data in real time.
Real time means that Airobot has done necessary development to provide you with the highest quality available. This of course depends on the link you have with the drone.

For inspection or mapping missions, the AiroCore transfers data in high quality after landing.

Included in the package:

  • – RTK all weather mapping drone (1x)
  • – AiroCore (1x)
  • – Battery (2x)
  • – Charger (1x)
  • – Remote Control (Legally Needed) (1x)
  • – Box (1x)


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