• 2D Orthophotos and 3D Pointclouds -
  • Automated Processing -
  • Data Viewing & Sharing -
  • PPK and GCP support -
Process, Analyse and Share
  • Involve all Stakeholders
  • Measure and Annotate
  • Point Cloud Analysis Tools
  • Automated Processing
  • Everyone within your organisation, from management to operations, has easy access to the data through their web browser.

    The orthophotos and 3D pointclouds are available for your experts for further processing in other software.

  • Everyone can perform basic measurements and add annotations from behind their desk.

    Also, use this functionality in meetings with your customers to impress them with the progress of their projects.


  • Airobot integrates the advanced 3D point-Cloud Processing technology from Pythagoras. With these tools you can compare point-clouds  and perform volume calculations. Additionally, you can classify the points and prepare profiles. Finally, it is possible to also create contours & breaklines.

  • No Licenses or Installations

    The AiroCollect software creates 2D orthophotos and a 3D pointclouds using the images taken by your drone.  You don’t need extra desktop software or specialist knowledge.

    In the cloud

    The AiroCollect software runs in the cloud. So you don’t need to worry about purchasing licenses. Or train your staff to use many different applications.

    Within you IT network

    For Enterprise customers, the AiroBox can run the AiroCollect sofware within your their IT infrastructure.


The AiroCollect software is at the heart of our solution. It receives the images from the flying robots. Then it computes the coordinates of images with centimeter accuracy using PPK technology if no accurate realtime-data is available. Finally it combines them into a 2D orthophoto and a 3D point cloud using state-of-the-art photogrammetry.


  • 3D Pointcloud
  • 2D Orthophoto
  • Accurate Photogrammetry
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Hyperspectral
  • Third Party Integration
  • A 3D pointcloud is a set of datapoints in space. The AiroCollect software uses state-of-the-art photogrammetry tools to generate these pointclouds from the drone images.

    In your webbrowser you can easily measure distances, surfaces and volumes.

    The integrated point-cloud processing tools from Pythagoras help you to compare data from different flights, generate contours, draw breaklines and classify the pointclouds.

    You can also download the pointcloud (LAS format). So you can process it with your own tools.

  • An orthophoto is geometrically corrected imagery such that the scale is uniform. So that it is an accurate representation of Earth’s surface. Therefor, in an orthophoto you can measure correctly distances and surfaces.

    You can find more background info about orthophotos on wikipidia.

    The AiroCollect software automatically generates accurately georeferenced orthophotos.

    In your webbrowser you can measure, add annotations and compare with previous flights. You can also add extra layers. This can be your own design (DXF). Or we can access information from a GIS database (WMS), for instance.

    Additionally, you can download the orthophoto as JPEG for processing in our own tools.

  • GCP

    You can use ground control points as quality check and improve the photogrammetry process.


    Use Post-Processing Kinematic GNSS processing to obtain centimer accurate camera positions. If no RTK is available, PPK will still give you the desired accuracy.

  • We can add Artificial Intelligence to the AiroCollect to automatically interpret the data.

    We can build and train custom models for you. Or we can integrate your existing models. Afterwards, these models automatically classify your data and provide accurately georeferenced data.

  • Airobot is integrating hyperspectral image processing into AiroCollect.

    This technology can detect different materials (e.g. corrosion). Additionally, it is used to determine the health of crops and monitoring turbidity in water.

    Airobot takes part in the Interreg REDOX and ECSEL COMP4DRONES projects to bring this technology from the lab onto a drone.

  • We can interface with your own analysis tools to generate the data that your need. In addition, also third party solutions can be linked.

    mapEO from VITO is one of the supported tools. VITO is specialised in the processing of agriculture data.

Fly & Collect
Airobot Mapper

The Airobot Mapper is an industrial flying robot. It is made to automatically collect accurate data in the most challenging environments.

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Phantom4 RTK

The Phantom 4 RTK is a state-of-the-art solution,a built by DJI. It can quickly deployed to collect data from a standard construction site.

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  • 2D Orthophotos and 3D Pointclouds -
  • Automated Processing -
  • Data Viewing & Sharing -
  • PPK and GCP support -
Automated Drone Mapping and Analysis Software
in the Cloud
or on Premise

AiroCloud – Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

The AiroCollect software automatically combines images from the drone into a 2D orthophoto and a 3D point cloud using photogrammetry.  As such, you do not need to install extra desktop software. Also, you do not need specialist knowledge.

The AiroCollect software runs in the cloud. So you don’t need to worry about purchasing licenses and training your staff to use several software packages.

AiroBox – Process on Premise

We  can run the automated drone mapping and analysis software within the IT infrastructure of enterprise customers.

The AiroBox offers rapid data processing on sites where a fast cloud connection is unavailable. Additionally, the AiroBox contains powerful GPUs to run the photogrammetry software and convert the raw images into orthomodels and 3D point clouds.

We monitor and maintain the AiroBox remotely. So you can focus on your day-to-day operations.



To make a real difference and drive the operations and logistics of the operations, we can directly integration with your ERP system (e.g. SAP) through an API.