• Risk Engineering and Pricing
  • Claim verification & Fraud Prevention
  • Natural Disaster Follow-up
  • Better Data

    Do you need accurate information to map all property features of a complex project to determine the risk profile ?

    We can help you to quickly turn images collected with a drone into a 2D orthophoto and 3D models that you can measure all the details in.

  • Work Faster

    A picture says more than a thousand words. Accurate data collected with drones can be used to quickly verify the extend of the damage to a property to speed up the handling of the claim and to prevent fraud.

    The AiroCollect software can turn data collected by any pilot to accurate 3D models that can be used to measure details and to document the claim.

  • Scalable Solution

    After a natural disaster it’s a challenge to quickly process all the claims made related to the damage to buildings, crops and other property.

    Our cloud infrastructure can quickly scale to quickly create maps of multiple sites, scanned by pilots using standard commercially available drones.

Less fieldwork

You can save your experts a lot of time by sending out pilots to make a detailed model of a site using drone data. This allows your experts to make their assessment from behind their desks. So they only need to go into the field when really necessary.

Drones and Mapping Software for Insurance

Airobot can support you with an automated drone and software for insurance. We automatically process the data collected by any drone pilot. For every flight, we generate the required 3D models with a consistent quality.

The cloud technology behind the AiroCollect software can easily scale to support you after a natural disaster. Its modular design also enables us to easily integrate it you’re your back-end systems.

and Share

Mapping software for Insurance

The AiroCollect software is at the heart of our solution. It receives the raw images from the drones. Then it computes the coordinates of images with centimeter accuracy using PPK technology. Finally it automatically combines them into a 2D orthophoto and a 3D point cloud using state-of-the-art photogrammetry.

Data Sharing

Everyone within your organisation can access the results through their web browser. Additionally, the orthophotos and 3D models are available for download to process them in your software.

Third Party Integration

To make a real difference and drive the operations and logistics of the operations, a direct integration with your ERP system (e.g. SAP) is possible.

Artificial Intelligence

The AiroCollect software can be extended with Artificial Intelligence to automatically interpret the data.

Phantom 4 RTK

The AiroBox offers rapid data processing on sites where a fast cloud connection is unavailable. It converts the raw images quickly into orthophotos and 3D point clouds using powerful GPUs.

The Airobox transfers the resulting models into the AiroCollect cloud software. Therefore making them accessible to everyone in the home office.

We monitor and maintain the AiroBox remotely. So you can focus on your day-to-day operations.