• Accident Mapping
  • Crime Scene Mapping
  • Operations Support
  • Surveillance
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Mapping of Accidents and Crime Scenes
  • Operations Support & Surveillance
  • Automated Perimeter Protection
  • Drones and Mapping Software for Public Safety

    What happened ? How can the scene of a accident or crime scene be documented as quickly and as accurately as possible ? How do we avoid losing information so that it can be used in courts and for liability claims handling ? Our drones and mapping software for public safety can help you make the difference.

    Less time in the field

    We help you to collect accurate information quickly, reducing the time police officers need to spend on site and the time that the area needs to be blocked.

    Less paperwork

    The resulting information and automatically generated detailed maps significantly speed up your back-office work and can be integrated directly with your systems.

  • Eyes in the sky

    Our drones are the eyes in the sky to help you get a better situational awareness for many operations. This ranges from supporting police intervention to disaster management.


    We help sharing the captured video and images with everyone involved. Officers in the field, local command posts, and operators in a dispatch centre can all view the same data thanks to an integrated secure 4G/LTE


    Thermal night vision cameras are available for surveillance operations at night.

  • Remotely Controlled

    The automated drones can also provide fully automated perimeter protection. They are controlled remotely from a dispatch centre. So they can complement security guards on the ground.

Less fieldwork and better data

Would you like to clear a site after an accident as soon as possible ? And reduce the risk of the officers in the field ? Do you want to minimise the amount of hours spent behind a desk processing paperwork ? And would you like to offer better and more accurate information to the courts and insurance companies ?

Drones and Mapping for Public Safety

We make drones and mapping software for public safety that will help you. The drones can quickly deploy to accident scenes and are controlled remotely via 4G/LTE.  Therefore, you can collect your data with a few clicks without having to send expert pilots to every accident scene.

Automated Processing

To reduce the time consuming paperwork after an incident, we process the data automatically. Finally we make it possible to share the resulting information throughout your organisation and with the courts.

Process and Share

Mapping software for Public Safety 

The AiroCollect software is at the heart of our solution. It receives the raw images from the drones. Then it computes the coordinates of images with centimeter accuracy using PPK technology. Finally it automatically combines them into a 2D orthophoto and a 3D point cloud using state-of-the-art photogrammetry.

Data Sharing

Everyone within your organisation can access the results through their web browser. Additionally, the orthophotos and 3D models are available for download to process them in your software.

Third Party Integration

To make a real difference and drive the operations and logistics of the operations, a direct integration with your ERP system (e.g. SAP) is possible.

Artificial Intelligence

The AiroCollect software can be extended with Artificial Intelligence to automatically interpret the data.

Phantom 4 - RTK
  • Accident Mapping
  • Crime Scene Mapping
  • Operations Support
  • Surveillance
  • Perimeter Protection

The AiroBox offers rapid data processing on sites where a fast cloud connection is unavailable. It converts the raw images quickly into orthophotos and 3D point clouds using powerful GPUs.

The Airobox transfers the resulting models into the AiroCollect cloud software. Therefore making them accessible to everyone in the home office.

We monitor and maintain the AiroBox remotely. So you can focus on your day-to-day operations.