• safety button
  • temperature control
  • geo safety zones
  • extremely accurate
  • Realtime worker protection
  • Worker health monitoring
  • Collaboration with (unmanned) vehicles
  • Danger is often one step away. When working on a railroad next to an active track or on a factory site running unmanned forklift trucks, even a short moment of distraction can put a worker in a potentially dangerous situation.

    Using centimetre accurate GNSS positioning workers can be warned immediately when they enter a dangerous area.

  • Heat stress and other health problems are a common cause of absenteeism which can be countered using our technology.

    Integrated health monitoring technology can warn supervisors when workers experience problems or when they are pushing their limits.

  • A big challenge for unmanned vehicles on construction sites, in mines or on logistics terminals is to know if there are people nearby.

    The Airobot worker protection technology can be linked with your systems to provide real-time updates about the workers locations to your unmanned vehicles. Also the location of the vehicles can be used to create dynamical warning zones for the workers.

Technology can reduce the human and economic costs of accidents in many industries.

It can warn people immediately if they wander in zones that are not safe or when an (unmanned) vehicle is passing through their workzone.

Monitoring body temperature and heartrate can reveal problems related to, for example, heat stress and will allow supervisors to intervene before the health of the worker is affected, reducing the absenteeism and avoiding possible claims for your company.

Exactly knowing where everybody is on a site opens the possibility to introduce new, unmanned vehicles to increase the overall productivity.

Smart Hat

Which smart head is not wearing his SmartHat today ?

Centimetre accurate RTK GNSS technology, capable of using satellites from all available constellations, allow us to warn workers if they even take one step in a dangerous area.

A supervisor can dynamically update these danger and warning zones which are immediately transferred to all Smart Hats in the area

The integrated temperature and heartrate monitoring can warn supervisors in case of heat stress and other health problems while the integrated accelerometers can detect falls or impacts

All SmartHats on a site communicate using a low power communication link with a SmartBase, on which a supervisor can monitor the activities, provide instructions and dynamically change zones.

Airobot uses a proprietary communication protocol between the hats and base station to make sure that every workers helmet gets the latest zone information, transmit its status and receive real-time instructions from supervisors.

All intelligence is located on the hat, keeping workers safe at all times – even if the communication link with the base is lost.

The SmartBase can be integrated via APIs with other systems (trains, moving autonomous vehicles…) and back-office software to dynamically update the zones and feedback the position of each worker.

  • safety button
  • temperature control
  • geo safety zones
  • extremely accurate